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KLab is a pioneer to bring oncology products in India and has a dedicated formulation and API facility focused on the developing countries. KLab also provides contract manufacturing for more than 10 companies.
KLab manufactures, markets and out-licenses patented Pharmaceutical Formulations, NDDS, niche API’s and chiral intermediates.
KLab has more than 222 patents granted/pending using NDDS,
Nanotechnology,  Dendrimers and Chiral Chemistry.
Klab has 350 Medical Representatives,80 managers meet 90,000 Doctors and 50000 Pharmacies every month, with special focus on Gastroenterologists, General Surgeons, Gynaecologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Pediatricians and Physicians.
KLab has multiple sale team operating in different therapeutic areas, to enable focus on maximum new product launches.
KLab is a key player in India in the niche areas of oncology, antibiotics, pain and spasm Management.

Cefi-XL No.1 launched new product

Cefi-XL our patented antibiotic combination is the No.1 launched new product in India in last 2 years as per July 2006 IMS report.


KLab has a unique intelligent monthly incentive system

KLab has a unique intelligent monthly incentive system which enables more than 60% of its sales persons to earn more than 50% of their salaries by way of incentives.

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