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The Individual 
The individual is at the heart of our creative process. We identify innovative individuals and partner with them.
The scientist works best in institutions, which facilitate open-ended thinking. We access the scientists in their own habitat without dislocating them.
Majority of the brilliant scientists and intellectual property is still untapped, as conventional thinkers cannot understand the opportunity.
The companies of the future are still unknown and available.
All the creators of knowledge and wealth shall enjoy the fruits of their creation fairly.
The internet has made the individual extremely powerful.
We develop our own unique strategies and implement them.
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property
We create our own intellectual property using brilliant individuals and the latest technologies.
We have cross-hierarchical multifunctional networks of experts from within the company and outside institutions to feed our creative process.
We use the latest technology to access available knowledge intelligently using multidisciplinary world class minds to create simple products with unique benefits.
Nature is largely unknown
Nature is simple. The future solutions have to be simple and efficient based on these principles. Since only1.5% of Nature is known (1.5% of the DNA is mapped, 98.5% was termed as Junk DNA which has now got some function) and a large part of nature is still unknown.

We have a unique system whereby we question and review all the rules and keep redefining them as we go along.


Introduced Patented Products based on NDDS
(Marketed in India and out-Licensed for the Developing Countries)


KLab has a unique intelligent monthly incentive system

KLab has a unique intelligent monthly incentive system which enables more than 60% of its sales persons to earn more than 50% of their salaries by way of incentives.

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