Training for medical representatives, first line managers and second line managers.

  Basic training
 Refresher training
Launch Training
Managerial training

Basic training .

Basic training is conducted for all employees joining field operations in KLab. This includes training on medial systems, basic pharmacology/physiology and terminology. Besides, intensive training is imparted on product promotion so as to maximise efficiency of the personnel before face-to-face selling with prospects. Mocak sessions are also an important training ingredient

Refresher Training .

Refresher Training is imparted to employees who had longer tenures of service in the field so that their knowledge and skill are upgraded to contemporary level.

   Launch Training .

Launch Training is imparted to all participants during the launch of a new product. This training includes intensive product and marketing training. Repetitive practice session make the personnel perfect in all respects and various FAQs are also prepared to face any situation in the clinics or chambers.

    Managerial Training .

Managerial Training is done to train newly promoted managers, both, first line and second line. KLab believes in promoting people from within and hence every individual in his new role is prepared for future challenges. From time to time  various training are imparted to managers to hone their skills and become better managers tomorrow
The individual is at the heart of our creative process. We identify innovative individuals and partner with them.  
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 KLab has a unique intelligent 
 monthly incentive system

KLab has a unique intelligent monthly incentive system which enables more than 60% of its sales persons to earn more than 50% of their salaries by way of incentives.

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