Patented Products 
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Patented Products 
KLab is already marketing some of its patented products .
 Camylofin DiHCL and Its combinations - Anafortan group(Camylofin DiHCL+Paracetamol tablets, Camylofin Amps / vials, Camylofin+Diclofinac tablets / amps) Licensed to Abbot. Antispasmodic
Methocarbamol Group -  Methocarbamol+Diclofenac + Paracetamol tablests,Methocarbamol+Diclofenac ampoules, Methocarbamol+Ibuprofen tablets, Methocarbamol tablets/ampoules. Muscle Relaxants
Cefiximie OD and Cefixime+Cloxacilin/Di cloxacilin+lab Combination tablets.

Cefpodoxime Proxitile + Di cloxacilin + lab Combination tablets
Prenoxdiazine HCl tablets Antitussive


Introduced Patented Products based on NDDS
(Marketed in India and out-Licensed for the Developing Countries)



Patents driven by NDDS, Nano and Dendrimers
(To be marketed in India and to be out Licensed to the developed countries)

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