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K - NDDS ( Novel Drug Delivery System)


Our NDDS Research is focused in the areas of colon delivery, Brain delivery, osmotically engineered systems controlled delivery, biologically degradable polymers in controlled drug delivery and site specific drug delivery for enhanced efficacy and reduced toxicity. At present our novel drug delivery systems are being developed mainly in the therapeutic areas like Antibiotics Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Oncology and NSAID’S .

Colon Targeted Drug Delivery

 Anti Cancer Drugs :
    5-Flurouracil, Oxaliplatin Leucovorin
  Anti Inflammatory and Anti Spasmodic Drugs :
      Mesalazine, Corticosteroids, Camylofin
  Anti-Protozoal Drugs :
     Metronidazole, Tinidazole, Secnidazole

Brain Targeted Drug Delivery
Neurological Drugs :
   CNS Drugs, Dopamine
Site Specific Drug Delivery
Anti-cancer Buccal Patches :    Bleomycin
Topical Formulations :  Methotrexate
Muco Adhesives

Osmotically Engineered Systems
Gastric Retention Systems
    Gastroprokinetic Drugs: Ondansetron
Oral Delivery of Parentrals
Vaccines, Peptides and other Parentrals Drugs

Modified Release Systems
Gastric Retention Systems :
   Gliclazide SR Tablets, Metformin and Gliclazide
   SR Tablets, Metoprolol SR Tablets
Multiple release Systems :
   Cefixime OD Tablets, Cefixime  +Cloxaciline+
   Lactobacillus Tablets
Matrix & Hydrogel Diffusion Systems :
    Ofloxacin OD Tablets, Metformin SR Tablets, 
    Cefpodoxime Proxetil OD Tablets, Camylofin
   +Nimesulide OD Tablets, Paracetamol OD


Nano Cutting Edge Technology Pvt. Ltd. - Nanocet® is a research & development nanobiotechnology company pioneering the development of uniquely advanced biostabilized nanoparticles technology.



Patents driven by NDDS, Nano and Dendrimers
(To be marketed in India and to be out Licensed to the developed countries)

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