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KCRS has access to decades of relationships with the major oncologists and also major oncology institutions in India. KCRS provides overseas companies, including CROs (Contract Research Organization), SMOs (Site Management Organization) and Pharmaceutical Companies with local infrastructure and expertise to ensure that the trials conducted in India are of the highest quality complying with ICH GCP Guidelines and done as speedily as possible. KCRS has access to clinical co-ordinators experienced in the field of oncology as also CRC's who can be placed at the sites to ensure that the trials being done are of the highest standards and with the best personalized handling of the patients which ensures minimal dropouts. Since KCRS has no conflict with any of the CROs and SMOs we have access to all of them and can draw upon their services depending upon requirement. This enables us to draw on expertise available with the various individuals/CROs/SMOs, etc. available in India. We also have close association with the GCP training Institutes and GCP trainers.
Our strength is our specific understanding of oncology, the oncology
    institutions, oncologists and the regulatory authorities.

We have tie-ups with Rural State of the Art Hospitals. These hospitals have a huge population of volunteers and patients with excellent investigation. We have excellent relations with all the necessary institutes and authorities. We can arrange Proof of Concept Studies to establish the basic relations between cause and effect by appropriate trials done most scientifically and speedily.


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